Someone close to me asked me about the Dermaroller.  He asked a few months back and I committed to reading more about it.  [amazon_link asins=’B0749C7V7D,B0781VTP2D,B071JZTV7Y,B071JTDP82,B06VSSW3LQ,B078138TD1,B075XGFHML,B0749HMTZZ,B073CFR8R4′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’diggy1-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’7081bb56-246f-11e8-a2cf-094af7309d48′]The truth was that I had read about it previously and decided that I would not personally purchase or use a Dermaroller.  If you’ve read my book, you know that I am all about stimulating collagen production, however;  I feel it should be done non-invasively.  A Dermaroller is invasive.  It is puncturing tiny little holes in your skin.  Don’t get me wrong.  The concept of creating an “injury” to promote collagen production is “dead on.”  A Dermaroller will do this.  I feel there are associated risks, and these are a few points to note after my research:

  1. Scarring created from the use.  This makes sense when you are a home user.  Even physicians who are using these may not apply the appropriate pressure and in some reports found on the web, have caused scarring or irritation/sensitivities that were slow to heal.  There are some very high tech dermarollers used professionally that have appropriate pressure application as a part of a sophisticated program.  This, in my opinion, is the best Dermaroller method.
  2.  Ineffective sterilization.  I’ve read time and again that an autoclave is the recommended method and that the touted “hydrogen peroxide sterilization” still left many with staph infections.
  3.  Overuse due to impatience.  Facial skin is one of the areas of your body that heals at a higher and better rate than other areas of the body.  This being said, overdoing anything, whether it be peels, scrubs, Dermarollers or plastic surgery; compromises the skin’s integrity.  We must be gentle with our skin. If you’ve read my book, you are aware that I promote the use of glycolic acid over any other formula to “mildly injure” the skin.  Additionally,  I feel that an intense peel should be foregone for risk of scarring, and instead do a daily glycolic regimen, beginning at 5% glycolic acid (3% if you are one with sensitive skin) and graduating up in percentage at the completion of a month’s routine use.  Glycolic Acid is the acid with the smallest molecule, meaning that it penetrates into the skin, where many products do not.  Since it is small molecule, it is penetrating at tinier entries than a Dermaroller does.  A sustained 3%, 5% or 10% concentrated Glycolic Acid injury is mild, but does the job.  Provided daily, it will assure that your skin is in constant collagen boosting.  No one will see it on you, if you follow your skin’s reaction to product and adjust accordingly (eg skip a day when your skin is dry or irritated). When you’re patient and do not try to accomplish a skin turnaround in a day or a week, you’ll see the results.  Sustained.

    Fresh scars from the Dermaroller or intense peels?  Read my book for a plan of action on fresh scars. 


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Acid Freak


I’m all about the ACID, manLet’s pull off that mask of old skin you are wearing and show what you have underneath it all!

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Glycolic Acid– This is one of the most important products you can use in your beauty arsenal, and you should eventually use it daily.  A word of CAUTION – start slowly.  Most of us work with the public in some capacity, and it is unseemly to conduct business with our faces flaking off.  If you will start slowly, the effects will be gradual but they will be ongoing.  I noticed a difference in the first month and I feel you will too.  I also saw my pores tighten, my skin exfoliate the oxidation and an overall look of brightness and youth.

Glycolic acid is an acid found in fruits and is the smallest molecule acid. This allows it to work really effectively with fine lines and wrinkles, milia, acne, and a host of other concerns.  When used in a peel, it is giving great injury to the skin, causing the skin to react in a positive way, AFTER the angry redness and the peeling skin.  When used daily, and graduating the strengths, small injuries to the skin are sustained, but they are usually not noticeable, and what about those injuries to the skin?  The great outcome of injury to the skin caused by glycolic acid is that it kick starts collagen production as a healing process. Collagen is not easily absorbed into the skin, and it is almost a waste of money to purchase it, but glycolic acid, your new friend, is encouraging your skin to produce it’s own, and may allow for greater penetration of collagen products.

What does that mean for you?  This one is a “no brainer.”  The sagging skin that happens with age, that skin that people term as jowls; if you are using glycolic acid on your face, jaw line, neck and décolletage, you are combatting that skin sag.  You may go through life “jowl-less” with a daily regimen of glycolic acid.

If you’ve never used glycolic acid, start with 5% for a month.  Then increase to 10%.  Or, go more slowly and increase to 7% for a month and graduate to 10% the month following.  At any time experiencing abnormal sensitivity, decrease the percentage, or skip a day.  Eventually, it will be an easy part of your daily ritual.  As I mention in my book, I’m comfortable remaining at a 10% glycolic acid treatment, but give myself a GLYCOLIC POP periodically. Read about the GLYCOLIC POP in my book!  And Glycolic Acid works best with some companion treatments.

Recommended Glycolic Acid Products

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A unique benefit of glycolic acid is that it opens your skin to allow for greater penetration of good products. This is where I bring in the equally important Hyaluronic Acid.  This special acid is naturally in our bodies and we produce less of it as we age.  It is found in many high-end creams and lotions and is the buzziest cosmetic buzz word of the day.  It is also used in many fillers.  It will absolutely, positively bring hydration and youthful plumping to your skin.  It works by allowing you to retain your skin’s moisture.  I would not go one day without this.

Recommended Hyaluronic Acid Products

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The above products are selected for you from low $ to high $.  Please scroll through carousel and hover on each item for size per price comparison to assure best value.
Product links are affiliate links and I earn a portion of the purchase price when you select products from my links.

When incorporating Glycolic Acid products or any Alpha Hydroxy Acid products into your daily regimen, the use of sun protectant is recommended.  As Glycolic Acid is an exfoliator, do not use scrubs or scrub devices when cleansing skin, as this could cause injury.


I’M SOON TRYING ANOTHER ACID!  Groovy, baby!  I’ll update.