We are a fast-paced, “want it now” generation of people. We don’t go to stores when Amazon often delivers the very next day. This “want it now” attitude makes no exception for many of our desires; losing weight, getting a tan, banishing acne or removing wrinkles.

We see the young celebrities who get plastic surgery far too early, and the older beauties who have procedures that take away their unique look; a look that would have persevered and remained unique, even with age.  As I was growing up, this wasn’t the way it was.  The big thing that happened in my early adulthood was that the actress from “Beaches” had her lips done.  This was a first.  Hers was becoming.  This is now the norm, and the proportions are far different.

Witnessing this throughout my lifetime after that point, I knew with certainty that I would never endure an augmentation procedure, unless it was restorative. I’ve valued the authenticity of my appearance, and while yes; aging is shocking, I did happen upon an excellent skin care program quite by accident.

Because I’m a daughter, a niece, a sister, an aunt; I shared with those I love. I’m not a Name Brand, so it was easy for many to dismiss, except that ten years went by and then fifteen. And my skin maintained. They are all faithful now. And there are many clocks turning back and slowing in these faces.

I bought a purchase in the last few weeks; one that the retailer had to inquire about my age. It turns out that I was a few months older than he was. He complimented me again and again and my response was more than the usual “thank you,” as this time I added, “I just wrote a book on it.” He was incredulous at the difference in appearance in this person who was a few months older than he was. I was pleased that I would have guessed him at 10 or more years older than I was. He should totally buy my book.

I am convinced that the “accidental” skin care regimen that I began in response to facial injuries of 15 years ago has drastically slowed the hands of time. And it was not immediate, but ongoing. Sustained.

To have your best skin, it takes commitment. I feel that the best results come from committing to a morning and evening regimen, seven days a week; but even I don’t do that. Something always comes up. It does take a commitment to see results. I can state with firm certainty that if you follow a regimen more times a week than you do not, you will see results. I would shoot for 70% participation as the lowest, meaning morning and evening; about five days a week.

Last July, I went to a Happy Hour with a friend I had not seen in a few years. I did not know I was walking into a skincare presentation. And there I was; thrilled by a scientific background, and I became a part of that skincare group. I was very enthusiastic, because it came from science where my own regimen did not. I followed their guidance; try this one day for every year of your life. I tried it for my 53 years (my age) and up to about 120 days. I had given up my tried and true regimen. There were some good results and I discovered an excellent ingredient that I’ve added to my daytime routine through that trial. There were also some deficits; some age spots on my face increased in color and size, a wrinkle between my brow grew deeper and lines around my lips began to form. Being 53, I really didn’t notice this until I put glasses on. I was shocked.

As I began writing my book, I had just begun my own regimen again, and it is my commitment to apply 53 days of patience and see the results, as I haven’t regained all the lost ground just yet. The reality is that I likely have to give it the 120 days I gave the other products.  So far, I have seen improvement in reduction of the age spots as well as some of the lines that had become more prominent around my lips, that emerged slowly as I discontinued my own well-working regimen.

I did do what many of you will do (but please don’t) and I went nuts with the acid and burned a couple of areas on my face. I encourage patience and commitment so that no injuries or scars come from your treatments.

We all want what we want, and we want it now….. Life has never worked that way, not with good outcome. I know that I have tried so many things, usually miracle diets, miracle patches, etc. and never have the results equaled the advertisement. I’d look back at six weeks and ask myself “why didn’t I just commit to the hard way? I’d be halfway where I want to be now.”

Everything worth achieving takes time, patience and commitment. Not a single regimen will work without these three traits and I encourage you to focus on them on this journey with your skin.