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From inside: “Fast forward to a few hours later; I slept through a likely concussion and awoke the next day to a very large bump in the center of my forehead and abrasions along the right side of my face from the parking lot where I landed face first.Weeks went by and I was convinced that the bump would grow into a unicorn horn and that I would be the first human female with such a horn. My would-be unicorn horn became an indentation after the swelling, and my pulse could be seen in the center of it for about a year, and then my skull finally healed.  Having finally gotten the black and gray asphalt out of my skin, I was left with many angry red and shiny marks on the right side of my face.  In the one month following this incident, I went into a mini-depression mode; after work hours, weekends and only when my little boys were asleep.  I felt as though I had lost my identity.


A month or so later, a friend of mine spoke to me about her consideration of microdermabrasion for acne scars. I considered this as well and made some calls, finding that my single-mom pay was not going to allow this.  It was my great benefit to have had the luck to speak to an aesthetician who told me “microdermabrasion will indeed work very well and you will have immediate results, but not as significant as you want.”  She then added “You will have better and long-lasting results with continued use of good products.”  While she was helpful, she didn’t tell me which good products, and so my research began. “

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