What is DiggyDiggy?


Welcome to diggydiggy!

Diggydiggy was a sound my son made before he could talk. Slipping around in the bathtub or swinging in his airplane, it was a happy sound that I always felt I would record (and didn’t; no iPhones in 1997).

Talking about it with a friend, she felt that I should write a children’s book about a dog named Diggydiggy, but I knew diggydiggy was my son, who may have thought he was a dog. He would copy our family dog, Tess, and sprawl belly-up in the back yard in the sun or pretend to drink out of her water barrel.

Those were the young and innocent days and what I finally took “diggydiggy” to mean is to live your life with a childlike heart.

And so after months of determining what this site would be, and focusing on the things I love and want to do, this is our hub for youthful publications.

The first projects; my book is now available on Amazon Kindle; “The Diggy Diggy Guide to “D-I-Y” Anti-Aging and Clear Skin” and my son and I are putting together a funny and fantastic comic series called The Diggy Diggy Diary.

Please stay with us!

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